About Frank

Frank Beach Coolum is where you’ll get the best pizza on the Sunshine Coast. Frank’s secret is the 3-day rise sourdough base combined with premium Italian ingredients that are freshly sliced to order. Paired with craft beer on tap, or a cocktail from our extensive range, you can’t go wrong!

Need more proof that Frank Beach makes the best pizzas? He’s not usually a name-dropper, but Frank has been telling stories about the old days. These may need to be verified….

Audrey Hepburn loved Frank Beach Pizza in Coolum

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn was the first lady I ever made a pizza for. I was 6 years old and she was babysitting me at a picnic. She had never tried pizza before, it wasn’t really a well-known food until this day. You could say it was an iconic day in history.

friends eat pizza takeaway coolum

Joey, Chandler and Ross

I was the chef on the set of Friends for two weeks before I was fired. They said it was because Chandler gained 15kg because he loved my pizzas so much.

It was actually a relief because Joey had this annoying habit of saying ‘How you doin?’ to every piece of pizza before he ate it. It got pretty weird.

beer and pizza in coolum with kurt cobain

Kurt Cobain

This picture is the only one in existence of Kurt Cobain smiling. I cooked him the best pepperoni pizza, and I could tell he didn’t want to smile, but my pizzas bring too much joy.

Lindsay Lohan

Once I was playing Pizza frisbee with my cousin Bruno from Calabria. Bruno has terrible aim due to the fact that he has one leg shorter than the other, and on his turn, he threw the pizza so far, it went through Lindsay Lohan’s car window. She said it was was the best day of her life.

Coolum beach beer and pizza takeaway

The Rock

The biggest pizza I ever made was for The Rock. He called me and said “I need a pizza as big as me”, so I made it. It broke the Guinness World Record, I was so pleased. When I dropped it off to him, The Rock ate the whole thing in one bite. It was a sight to behold.